Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Brush Cleansing

Since my laptop going really crazy lately, I have to type my blog post in my windows phone. And suddenly, I feel like a boss. :)

Do you have make up brush? Well, today I want to share to you about my brush cleansing.

My very first brush is a fake MAC, I have to buy it in a small store near home because my brush for blush from the package is so poor and I way too lazy to go to department store. Firstly, I don't bother cleansing this one because it is small brush and rarely use. But, by the time goes by, I bought a brush set from PAC, and use every day (esp. foundation and kabuki brush). So, I need to cleanse my brush every month at the least. Why? Because after using the brush about two or three weeks, our makeup, face oil, and dirt are stuck in the brush bristles. All of ‘em are reduces the brush softness, effectiveness, and hygiene causing makeup flaw, pimple, and acne. It is scary, rite?

I used to use baby shampoo, baby oil, and water to cleanse it, some people call it brush deep cleansing. But it is tiring as I need to wait like forever to dry and do it repeatedly. But, I found the new way which is easier, faster, and simple. I am using brush cleanser. In the box of the product, it is explained that I have only soak the brush bristle into the liquid and tap it softly to tissue to make it dry faster. That’s it, they end.

But last night, when I surfed into RealTechnique website, I watch the video, and all I need is to brush my makeup brush onto a tissue soaked with brush makeup cleanser. I have tried it, and it is like AH-MUSE-ING. I only need like two to five minutes to cleanse a single brush. 

There are several things you have to remember about brush cleansing. Here they are:

1. Do not ever use hair dryer for drying! Let it dry by wind or use tissue to absorb the cleanser because hair dryer will damaging your brush. 

2. Do deep cleansing every three month at the latest to maintain the quality of your brush and keep it hygiene.

3. Start cleansing from the smaller brush first since the bigger tends to absorb the liquid and has more dirt.

Btw, I usually use Johnsons Baby Shampoo ($2) or PAC Brush Cleanser ($10) to cleanse my brush. 

That’s all, Girls. Well, thank you for reading!


PS: Sorry for poor grammar, I am starting to learn writing in English again :)

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