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FASHION: Berrybenka Shopping Experience Review (AN UNPAID POST)

I have to be responsible regarding to all of my posts. All of 'em, especially when it sounds like promotion, but in fact it is just sharing. I just wanna share with you an exciting shopping experience that I have with and please to be fully noted, I buy this item from 'em with my own money and they are never been my sponsor (at least today, hope that they will be my sponsor next hahaha). My main purpose when I write it is because I hardly find blog who made a review on Berrybenka. Yeah I found it once in femaledaily, but it is not a blog.

Here the post goes....

I do like windows shopping, in the mall, retail shop and soon. And it is also including windows shopping at online shop. I have been surfed to (and also bought from) all online shop in Indonesia, including luxola, rakuten, blibli, lazada, zalora, berrybenka, forever21 and you name it.

There is a day when you feel so exhausted to your routine and way to lazy to hang out. So in the last day (yesterday or day before? I don't remember it clearly) I decided to make an online order. It is start with the food, PHD, and then it brought me up to Berrybenka. Unfortunately, (call it a misfortune when you spent your money for everything hahaha) Berrybenka is kindly giving away IDR50k for min purchase 200k and I  (suddenly) need a bag! I kept browse the web added this and that to the cart, calculating, took out the items, re added and blah blah blah at Berrybenka and go back to the first step and repeat it about 10-15 times (well God please forgive me). I spent like two days until December 19, 2013, I placed my order did the bank transferred and kindly, lovely-ly beautifully, patiently wait for the items arrival.

Yesterday (December 20, 2013), in the evening I came to my home, have a chit chat with Granny and she said that there is a big box came for me. And well it is the bag, nothing less as I expected from a big narionwide online shop Berrybenka. My bag from Berrybenka arrived 1 day after the transaction is done. It is great!

If people said the is something ugly about the flawless, well it happened to Berrybenka thoo. I want to see my bag as black as a coffee,  as I have seen in their web. But, it is just lighter than the picture on their web.

Pic from

Real pic :)

However, overall, except the colour differences, Berrybenka is cool like a pool (office joke, hhahahha). But when I see the pic, I think they send me wrong item. Err.. But, you don't have to doubt 'em. Stay cool, and wait the item arrive. Actually they are also sell shoes and clothing, but I never buy 'em online. I have a small shoes, and way too big bust and hip. Ya know, I can use like M to L shirt, but when it comes to bust I have to buy the shirt in XL or XLL, seriously, it is a big deal! It is goin to be apocalypse if I keep spending my money on clothing online shopping while I know I couldn't use it.

Berrybenka is not selling a super expensive items high branded items. I see some handmade online shop items here too (I remembers some brands). I bought Misyelle, it is not something expensive, but it is good. I am not brand minded, when I can have cheaper items with a good quality I will go for it. But when I have to buy some high branded items, I will. I will not spend my money to buy cheap fragile things, wont do. I find it more important when it comes to buy fashion items, is, I wont buy fake items. I wont spend my money for humiliating my self. Originality is important. It is ok to be cheap and good, but genuine. But when I buy something branded, cheaper, good (maybe) but fake, I couldn't see the pride in me.

I am also a writer, I don't want to see my work being plagiarized. I don't want to. So, I make sure that I don't buy some plagiarism items, including my bag. :)

Go grab cheap item, but remember, get the genuine one.

Thanks for reading


PS: I got 50k nutrimart Voucher, and if I buy nutrimart items for 150k, I will get berrybenka voucher. HAHAHA, a circle of spending money T_T

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