Senin, 08 Juli 2013

Social Media or Blog?

Since the rapid growth of social media networking services, many brands transmigrate from their personal website. Social media networking services sound promising for digital marketing trends. It is not only the tools for brand promotion, but also the effective way to engage with customers. It can not deny that social media networking allows brand to build relationship and communicate with brand target.

But do not forget to fully understand the effectifity of social media networking services. Brand can not carelessly creating  social media networking service account in every popular internet platform (e.g twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc), because in the end will only lead to failure in the marketing process itself. It is need to see the suitable of brand target with the user of social media networking services itself.  Not  all brands need it. The question is do cement or pipe company need a social media accounts? Is their target market use social media? Or it is enough to use brand website?

PS: I write it like one and a half years ago (or more). Simply post it because I feel like I have to post it *Ditakol*

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  1. lebih suka blog, social media tulisan yang kita ketikkan langsung tenggelam gitu aja. susah nyarinya.


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