Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

My Laziness Telah Datang

Well yes, is it me who have being lazy or what? Hahaha, I have post nothing in the last two weeks, and I feel so guilty. Nulis draft aja terus sampe butek tapi ga beres-beres. Here I am to tell you that I am alive, I am still breathing and my prince charming will come because I am cinderella (dikepruk masal). I have to say that I have a new activity, and of course it is related to writing, which I love damn much. Ihiy~

Well, the upcoming post will be about, hmm, some masker sheet review (since I don't have lotta hands handling some cream pack), skin care review (ya know I am using The History of Whoo, butta, I am now starting to have an affair with Missha skincare, hahaha) and a haul review. I am not quite sure that I will have the full photo of my recent haul, it is because I have used some and they are run out -_-.

Well, If you looking for some review about cc cream, hmm, (I will make one for sure, but I am not sure thoo, since my Skinfood mushroom BB cream post still in my draft for years hahaha), I have to be honest that I disappointed to see reviews from several beauty bloggers. The result is not so promising, I have red about Tony Moly and Etude, and I am not interesting in the products.
Daaaaaaan ternyataaaahhh, one of my online shop seller gave me The History of Whoo CC cream sample, and I looooooooooooooooooooooooveeeee it much much much muchoooooooooo! Syuka syekaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. The CC cream is.................U HAVE TO GIVE A TRY! Cobain! COBAIN hehehe.


Udah yah ngantuk, jika ada kesalahan kata, kesalahan ngetik, dan lain-lain diterima aja ya wwkkwkw, It is 3 AM, what did you expect? (and why I am blogging at this hour!!!?)







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