Rabu, 24 April 2013

New Wordpress and Twitter Layout

I have like many things to share with all of you lately. And it is so fun!

I asked my boyfriend to design my CV template with flowers theme, I found one on the internet and it is not oke. Since my boyfriend is so generous to gimme one of his design for free, he made it for me and I feel like having my personal art director (for a life time, hahaha). I didn't talk a lot, he knew what I like, and what I dislike.
And then, in my free time, I browsed into Stella Lee blog and found out she changed her blog layout too. And there it goes...I am using my CV template for my blog and twitter (so it will be so useful, thank u baby :*, hahahah). To be fully honest, I don't expect this much, but when I applied the template to the layout it is so taraaraaaraaraaaaaaa...KAWAII!
So, this is the template (or sssssshhh, my layout!)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="576"] This is my favoritos![/caption]

Yap! He made me four designs for my CV template, and all of them are absolutely KAWAII. Hahahha, my blog now is so fresh, so cute and so girly, ihihihii~

If you wanna made one, you can contact me and I will tell him (price is negotiable awkwkw)
Since its purposes originally are not for blog theme, and only me doing something for my free time, the layout is not 100% effective, (you can see it is not 100% fit on the screen), but I love his works, and adore it. :)

Thank you for reading :)


PLEASE DO NOT COPY any of material in this post especially the picture without my permission. If you need one, tell me and we can talk it further.

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