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Global Digital Monster Online (SS)

Yayayyayyayayaayyy, when you have nothing to write, write something near. So here it is.

All you people of early 21 century kiddos might be know digital monster. I do, and fall in love for it since a long time. My bf told me there is a game online about it so there I am playing this game.

Since the first he told me about the game, aku bayangin pengen punya Angewomon. Cewe cantik, paling cantik se-dunia digital. Gyahahahhaa.

Mekanisme gamenya gampang, kamu tinggal daftar ke web-nya. Klik user agreement, terus main. Sayangnya pilihan charnya dikit *garuk-garuk pala* dan berasal dari digimon yang gak gue tonton *MAMAAAAAAAA, failed kiddos*.

Aku males terangin panjang lebar sih, kita lihat aja SS diriku dengan digi-digiku with its highest evolved (Sebelum aku tinggalin). AHAHHAHA. (I really missed her and the digis, I just not play the game since friday lolsssss)

cahayapagi and Gaomon
Pertama kali kamu main, kamu bakal disuruh milih char dan partnermon. Here is mine. Lucu, biru-biru gini. Sayangnya dia susah banget buat leveling. :( Sampe sekarang mentok di situ aja levelnya.

cahayapagi and Salamon highest evolution, Ophanimon.

To have a new digimon you have to hatch it from mercenary egg. I failed like thousandsssssssssssssssss times. And one day the server down for two days, an every players (with no exception) get a free reinforced egg. Me tho, and by miraculous things, I get this one. Susususuper excitement! I got leveled up this one damn fast, and it is my highest level digi (81, for max 90). She is classy fab! Others players even called her hot girl >,<. (Yes she is!)

MechaNorimon and cahayapagi. It is at its highest evo, Chaosdramon

After wasting like 50's eggs of Gotsumon, so cahayasore tried to hatch the new digi by iseng-iseng. 1 single egg and some data. TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGG CLINGG the incubator said, "Congratulation. The fourth trial of blah blah blah blah." And I have new baby digi. Hihihi, this one, bit hard bit easy to play. So it haved its BM modes after waiting for century. LOL.

Saberleomon and me ;)
One day in Jakarta, me and my bf played GDMO together. Iseng pan nge-hatch, liat-liat data ama stock telor, ada beast sama elecmon (Saberleomon rokkie), 1st injection trial OK, 2nd failed failed and, 3rd Ok , 4th ok. BUAHHAHAHAHA, after that hatch it so-so-so COOL! I hatched it my self :3. BAD news, it's mega is so weak. I give up :(

Classic Agumon and meh!
I've told every players (yeah it is only cahayasore actually), that I wanna have dragon type :3. But it's hard and I gave up! Hahaha. And one day, like mid-of-nov, the game provider launched omegamon. AND every players (again) got a freeeeeeeee Agumon (classic) me tho. It is leveled up by quest reward exp lolz.

NOTE: this post is about narcissistic players not about the game. HAHAHAHA.

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