Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

How Do You Spent The 1st Saturday Night in 2013?

Damn, to be fully honest I am totally dull. Wkwkw
I am playing online games (cause nothing I can do), all night, while crawling and trying to eliminate my maag pain. Yes bad. But I leveled up damn fast...wkwkkw. Happy to make KitsuneInari 80, soon my KeraSakti thoo.

On the previous posts about DMO, my tamer still around lvl 55, well it is now 66. I know it is lame slow to level up cause I am afk-ers, not the one who more likely too ambitious to fast leveling. I am enjoying the game. that's the point. Hehehe...
For me it is not the game, it is digimon.

CYAAAAA :P *lottalove*


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