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Getting To Know Hospitality Guest Management

As a system, in the hospitality business certainly has several elements that move synergically to meet the needs of visitors or guests. One is to use guest management. Because the service is the main purpose for the satisfaction of the visit of the guests followed by the fulfillment of other related needs should be available so that the comfort of the guests is guaranteed. Generally, some fields or often called departments within the scope of employment can be known as follows:

1. Front Office.
Front office department or often abbreviated FO this task lubsung directly with guests, receive guest room reservations, receive guest registration, or provide information desired guests. This department is the first impression for guests when guests want to check in. key food and Beverage

2. Food and Beverage department or abbreviated FB
It deals with matters relating to the cultivation of food and beverages and the task of providing services to guests at meals in the restaurant. FB consists of Food & Beverage Production (a section in charge of processing food into the mature material to be provided to the guests).

3. Housekeeping.
The housekeeping department is a department within a hotel that has duty and responsibility for all hotel cleanliness both indoor and public area and cleaning facilities of a hotel.

4. Accounting
The accounting department is a hotel department that has responsibility for all hotel administration issues, whether it involves the expenditure or the financial income of the hotel concerned.

5. Personnel
Personnel Department as one of the hotel departments in charge of receiving and placing employees/trainees, as well as handle the problems faced by employees.

6. Engineering
Engineering Department, as the hotel department responsible for handling maintenance and repair of all hotel equipment and machinery, especially if damaged or disrupted.

7. Marketing
Marketing departments are part of guest management. As one part of the duty to carry out hotel marketing to the public as well as potential customers or visitors in order to increase the guests who will stay and use hotel facilities.

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